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This web page lists the members of various classes or groups. You can choose to list by cadet company, alphabetical order, or deceased members within each class or group.
If a member of the group is deceased, then a stone marker icon () will appear. Clicking on that icon will take you to the Eulogy Page for that member.

You may choose any combination of filters for Last Name, Cadet Company, or Living/Deceased to help your search. The Cadet Company is based on the entry in our database, and may not be accurate or complete.

Listing of members with last name starting with A for usma1966


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   26289  AGNEW, Eugene  A4 
  Died: 2017-01-28   26637  ALBRECHT, Warren  A4 
   26562  ALBRIGHT, Robert  B4 
   26396  ALEXANDER, George  B4 
   26329  ALMOJUELA, Thomas  C1 
   26589  AMATULLI, Richard  A2 
   26127  ANDERSON, Dale  D2 
  Died: 2011-04-17   26279  ANDERSON, David  B4 
   26400  ANDERSON, Edward  F1 
  Died: 2021-02-03   26464  ANDREWS, Edward  B3 
   26339  ANDRIES, Bruce  B3 
  Died: 1967-03-26   26542  ARNONE, Robert  A2 
   26292  ARRANTS, William  A3 
  Died: 2016-08-03   26219  ARTHUR, David  E4 
   26200  ASHBAUGH, Brian  A1 
   26146  ATKINSON, Eugene  C3 
   26282  AUDIBERT, Reginald  D3 
  Died: 2007-10-28   26474  AUER, Bruce  E1 
Found 18 members with last name starting with A.

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